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    Toy recommendations after tooth extraction

    Hi All!

    Jub-Jub has his lower incisors removed yesterday due to his overbite and them impacting his palate. Of course he is only 4 months and is in the chewing/teething stage and we were told he can't chew on anything hard. No issues we removed his kong, nylabone, treat balls, etc. Problem is all he wants to do is chew. Any advice from anyone else who went through this? He is acting like his usual self and you wouldn't think he had dental surgery yesterday at all. I'm open to any and all suggestions at this point!

    Picture added from when we picked him up after surgery
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    Gosh, that's hard at his age. I'd have thought they wouldn't want him chewing anything for a while- 10 days or so, until the extraction sites heal up? I have 2 dogs who have had to have teeth extracted but I don't remember the post op instructions for sure and mine were older, having permanent teeth removed. Eventually we were allowed to let them chew things that "weren't hard" and that's when I loaded up on West Paw toys. The only other thing I can think of that might be ok would be something like a wet, frozen washcloth, which would soften up quickly with chewing. Hopefully it wouldn't give him a taste for chewing fabric over the long run.

    JubJub has the most appealingly sweet little face, btw.

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    Aww, poor little guy .

    We make soft cotton flannel knot toys and then wet and freeze them for our puppies. Maybe a slightly thawed one might feel good on his hot and sore mouth.

    All the best with Jub-Jub!
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