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    grain free Taste of Wild and gas (phew)

    Anyone have experience with grain free foods causing gas ?

    My daughter is feeding her almost 1 yr old lab/pointer mix the Taste of the Wild Grain Free Puppy formula with bison & venison,

    and the pup's gas is driving us out of the room. He lets gas go about 3 times hourly, regularly. And it is awful.

    There is no reason for the grain free, (i.e. allergies) she just wants him on a high quality food.

    Suggestions ?

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    I don't feed TOTW, I won't feed Diamond products because of their recall history. I do rotate my 2 on other quality GF foods including Fromm, Earthborn, Wellness Core, Farmina, and Infinia without issues. GF food tends to be rich and could be too much for her dog just yet. You don't need a GF food to feed quality.
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    i wouldn't feed a diamond product ever.

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    Starchy foods are just as likely to produce gas in certain individuals as grain is and that food uses sweet potato, peas and regular potato instead of grain. The link is for people but probably some dogs will react just as some people will. Grain free does not make a food high quality. Some dogs need grain free but it's a bit of a marketing ploy right now.

    Gas-Forming Foods to Avoid | Healthy Eating | SF Gate

    Try some reading at this site so you can learn about ingredients and help find a food that will work for the pup.

    The Dog Food Project - How does your Dog Food Brand compare?


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