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Thread: Johnnie is ONE!

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    Johnnie is ONE!

    Johnnie spent his first birthday at his favorite place... the ER!

    In his first year of life, Johnnie (Hightest Angel's Share) has had FIVE emergency vet visits - two for foxtails up the nose, one for being stepped on by a horse (nothing broken, just a seriously owie hind paw), one for a massively swollen eye (I was positive it was another foxtail or other foreign body, or possibly a bee sting, but it turned out to be a black eye - probably from roughhousing with Harvey - who knows?!) - and, on his birthday, for kennel cough! He is fully vaccinated, but as we know, the kennel cough vaccine isn't perfect. A few days of cough suppressant and he bounced right back, so it seems like the vaccine probably helped somewhat.

    Pictured is Johnnie patiently waiting his turn. Note that I don't condone dogs riding in truck beds on the road, it was just a comfy place to wait in the parking lot without spreading his germs before we were able to go into an exam room (I carried him in, also for purposes of keeping his germs to ourselves).

    His weight has fluctuated a little bit, but he's pushing 80#. He is still quite narrow through both head and body, so I'm wondering if he will broaden out or if he's just a somewhat narrow dude. He is still intact and I'm hoping that will encourage some widening, but it's not very important - if he ends up just being rather narrow, that's fine.
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    Poor boy. You were lucky the E-Vet was open, even they might close sometimes around holidays, or at least be short staffed. Johnnie, you cut that out, no more E-Vet. And happy Birthday.
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    Wow, Johnnie has had an eventful first year! I don't know whether Johnnie's parents were wider or more narrow, structure-wise, but it seemed like Henry was well into his second year of life before he stopped looking quite so puppy-like. Happy Birthday, Johnnie! May the coming year be free of foxtails and other ER worthy misadventures!

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