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    Quote Originally Posted by barry581 View Post
    Sonic is growing up fast! While he's a bit leggy at the moment, he will fill in. The boys do take longer to mature, and Song is just over 16 months old, and when you see him on his own, he looks pretty mature, when you see him right next to Brooks, he still looks like a baby!
    Same for Joey, who is now 18 months old. Seen by himself, you'd think Joey was pretty mature looking but not when seen beside Henry. Henry is 5 1/2 and looks very solid and filled out, not unlike Barry's photo of Brooks. Of course, Henry weighs about 15 pounds more than Joey, so there's that. Maybe that's why Joey looks less mature, he's as tall but less filled out. In my mind, I don't remember Henry looking fully mature until he was 2 years old or a bit more.

    And Joey has no titles- except the ones I call him when he's being all wild and crazy and annoying. He gets no rosettes for that!

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    No pictures, just wanted to post the last video in this thread, as Sonic is turning 6 months old in 2 days! He is a happy go lucky boy

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