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    In Honor of the Lost and Their Memorials

    I could not always bear to read the Rainbow Bridge posts, but came here when I felt strong enough to do so. I am just posting in honor of those dogs who were memorialized here, with the posts lost. We remember your beloved companions, and our own.

    Sadly, this space will fill up again with new losses. Happily, the dogs give us their all, and we who remember them help them live on and on, at the bridge, in dog heaven, or in the transcendental, universal mind.

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    Yes out of all the threads/posts/data lost, the loss in this section is the most devastating for me having lost two beloved senior boys, Thomas & Tournie, both 15 years old since I joined this board in Jan 2011. Whilst I only lost Tournie in Feb this year, it is now 3 years since I lost Thomas and on each of his anniversaries I would come back into this section and read my memoriam thread for him and planned to do the same for Tournie on his anniversary. Now the original memoriams have been lost, I will probably post a rememberance memoriam on each of their next anniversaries.

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    You beat me to the thought....perhaps this would be a good thread in which to give name to those whose memorials were lost.....any and all types of pets included.

    Baffle was the Chocolate boy on whose behalf I joined this forum in 2007.

    The kitties were Trouble, my "fluffy" black girl, and Charlie, my handsome Tuxedo boy.

    The board has lost so many, sometimes in large numbers during a short period, and this particular forum was huge. I like the idea that we can at least keep their names/memory going.

    I hope this won't end up twisting anyone's knickers that I'm also going to mention the name of a dog who belonged to someone who no longer seems to be a member....but who left a big sense of emptiness when he passed. I've continued to miss Hugh the Dog. (actually, a good number of dogs fall into this category but I'm not sure that the members aren't still around or lurking)


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    I agree, I joined the board in 2005 after i adopted my 2 year old black lab Waylon who passed unexpectedly in May of 2013.

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    yes, very sad.

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    This was always the hardest section for me to read too, but each of our furbabies & their owners deserved every thought, prayer, & condolence that was extended. The true compassion & caring of the members is what drew me to this board.

    RIP Petey. Mama still loves you sweet boy.

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