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Thread: Old Man Skeena

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    Old Man Skeena

    Hey everyone
    I just want to thank everyone for contributing to this board over the years. I was active many years ago and then life happens and now Skeena is an old man and it's brought me back to the board.

    I remember what a resource this community was when Skeena was young and annoying and mischeivous. I appreciate the posts now that I am concerned with lumps and arthritis and just generally every old man sound that comes out of him.

    It's wonderful to see so many familiar names. I am sorry to read the stories of those who have crossed the rainbow bridge, especially Hemi. Our pups are so special but and as I contemplate Skeena being in the later years of his life, I am grateful so many pups live on in this community.

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    Hi and welcome back! Seniors are so very special. Everything is different with them, a little bit of worrying, lots of love and a slower pace. It has its charm. Skeena is a handsome senior!
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    Hi welcome back, just like our seniors, we and the board has slowed down too but we’re still here.
    I love the snow on the muzzle!
    All of my girls have moved on and we thought we’d take a break from the 4legged kids, well that lasted about a couple of months till a close friend needed a favor. Of course we couldn’t say no so we now have Bo a 3yr old male lab i can truly say one of the highest honors one can receive!
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