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Please Join Our Labrador Retriever Chat Board and Forums and share your pictures and stories with out labrador retriever owners. You can also join our monthly photo contest and learn about health, diet and nutrition, puppy training and rescue and adoption.
Just Labs
Just Labs Magazine is the canine magazine devoted to the family Labrador Retriever--the black, yellow, or chocolate dog who shares life like a member of the family.


Labrador Retriever Sites
Puppy Sites  - PuppySites.Com is the Dog Lover's Directory! If you are looking for a dog related site, you have come to the right place!
Labrador Retriever Blogs
Eleazar and Labradors  - Starting discussion about Eleazar and Labradors.

Larador Retriever Blog  - The labrador retriever pet dogs blog featuring pictures, puppies, news articles and tips on training and health of your labrador retriever.
Favorite Pet Sites  - You will find unique, planet-friendly pet products. We offer organic dog treats, natural supplements, hemp collars/leashes, non-toxic toys and recycled products and much more! Over 95% of our dog and cat products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

The Best of the Rest

Vegas Savvy - Guides and tips for eating, attractions, resorts and travel to Las Vegas.

Barely Hanging On  - Barely hanging on blog stories of offbeat news, stupid criminals, rants and raves and chat forums.

The Save Money Blog  - Read our articles and tips on how to save money each month on your energy bill, car and house insurance or just everyday money savings.

I'm That Bored - Funny photos and odd news stories.

Alien Encounter - UFO's, alien abductions and conspiracy theories.


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